T. G. Rankin Company - supplying Gage Glass, Sump Pumps, Septic Systems, Jet pumps, sight glass, gauge glass T. G. Rankin Company - supplying Gage Glass, Sump Pumps, Septic Systems, Jet pumps, sight glass, gauge glass T. G. Rankin Company - supplying Gage Glass, Sump Pumps, Septic Systems, Jet pumps, sight glass, gauge glass T. G. Rankin Company - supplying Gage Glass, Sump Pumps, Septic Systems, Jet pumps, sight glass, gauge glass
T. G. Rankin Company - supplying Gage Glass, Sump Pumps, Septic Systems, Jet pumps, sight glass, gauge glass T. G. Rankin Company - supplying Gage Glass, Sump Pumps, Septic Systems, Jet pumps, sight glass, gauge glass
T. G. Rankin Company - supplying Gage Glass, Sump Pumps, Septic Systems, Jet pumps, sight glass, gauge glass
Gage Glass
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Liquid Level Gages and Valves


High Quality Penberthy Water Level Gages, Liquid Level Gages, Sight Flow Indicators, and Accessories for Boilers, Heaters, Tanks, and Other Vessels.

Shielded Tubular Gage Glasses, Magnetic Liquid Level Gages, Calibrated Drum Gages, Pump Setting Gages, Electronic, Capacitance liquid level measuring equipment.

Bronze Water Gages, Drain Valves, Air & Gas Cocks, High & Low Pressure Safety Relief Valves, Vacuum Relief Valves, and Fusible Plugs.

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Safeguard Armored Tubular Liquid Level Gages

The Safeguard Tubular level gage (shown with valves) is an armored gage assembly that is about one-tenth the cost of an armored

flat glass gage. Safeguard is perfect for applications where product spills are not acceptable. Safeguard uses clear or redline gage glass protected by a steel or stainless steel U-channel with a clear polycarbonate see-thru window (with or without no-charge gage scale.) Made to order,Safeguards are available in lengths up to10-feet. Safeguard uses 5/8" or 3/4" OD steel or stainless steel stubs installed into a standard tubular gage valve set. This can minimize or eliminate steam attack of the gage glass in this area resulting in longer maintenance intervals.

To meet your budgetary and corrosion requirements Safeguards are available in all carbon steel, all stainless steel, and carbon steel with stainless steel wetted parts.

As a more economical alternetive for new construction, Model 9900 has all the features of the Safeguard with integral valves.


Yarway - Penberthy Boiler Trim Level Gages and Alarms

Penberthy Series 1A single probe alarm system represents the latest advancement in electronic level indication. Based on the conductivity probe technology now widely accepted in the industry, it was specially designed to meet increasing demand for a reliable, cost effective means of sensing water in various applications. The probe can be mounted directly to the pressure vessel or column. The probes are welded stainless steel HP (left) and LP (right)electrode with zirconia insulator (3000 psig @ saturation, up to 1200°F [207 barg @ saturation, up to 649°C]) or threaded stainless steel LP electrode with Teflon® insulator (850 psig @ 525°F [58 bar-g @ 274°C]). The Series 1A is a direct replacement for mechanical float switches. Local LED indication of water level provides either redundant or primary visual verification.

If you need a complete Color Port Gage and Water column assembly or a replacement electrode email us to get more information on all of Penberthy / Yarway’s line of Steam Water Boiler Controls.


Process Equipment & Systems

Jet Products for Pumping Liquids, Pumping Gases, Heating Liquids, Process Mixers for Liquid/Liquid, Gas/Liquid, and Powder/Liquid. Ejectors, Eductors, Exhausters, In-Line & Open Tank Heaters, Steam Spargers, Mixers, and Circulating Tank Eductors.

Specialists in Custom Design and Manufacture of Process Jet Equipment. Multiple Stage Vacuum Systems; Boosters; Direct Contact Condensers and Heaters; Thermal Compressors; Hydraulic Conveyor/Mixers and PreMixers; Desuperheaters; Gas Coolers; and Heat Recovery Systems.

Flow & Level Measurement and Control

Direct reading Liquid Level Gages and Valves. Armored and Tubular Gages, Weld Pad Gages & Sight Windows, plus the new MULTIVIEW Magnetic Liquid Level Meter, combining visual indication, point level control, and continuous level measurement for process and steam water boiler trim applications.

Steam and Cold Water Washdown Stations with Detergent option, Hot and Cold Water Mixing Stations; Observation Equipment including Sight Windows with Illuminators, Washers and Wipers; Sanitary Valves and Fittings; Stainless Steel Manway and Tank Covers; and Stainless Steel Spray Balls.

In-line Flow Meters for Liquids, Air, or Gases, in a variety of materials for High Temperature or High Pressure Service. Remote Readout Capability.

Sight Flow Indicators

Sight Flow Indicators, available in Standard NPT Threaded Sizes, and Flanged Models meeting ANSI Standards for 150 lb., 300 lb., and 600 lb. Designs. Dual Windows and Gaseous Sight Flow Indicators available. Full-View Sight Flow Indicators with 360° viewing. Sight Windows, from tiny ¼" Sight Plugs to large 4" x 24" Oblong Sight Windows. Replacement glasses and Gaskets for all brands.








Gear case oil gauges

Gear case oil gauges, threaded sight windows, oil line gauges, plain oil gauges without shields, oil gauges with unions. Oil gauges are made in standard sizes, but can also be made in various combinations to meet special requirements sizes from 1/8" to 2" - pipe thread and machine thread.

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Aqua-Azul UV Disinfection

Disinfect proces inlet and discharge fluids of pathogens without introduction of undesireable chemicals. US-based Aqua Azul builds 155-models utilizing the latest advancements in lamp technology including designs for low, medium and high pressure flows. Municipal treatment specilaists can design a system to fit your design and budgetary criteria.UV purification products that deliver high performance with exceptional longevity and minimum maintenance. Amalgam lamp, ballast and crystal replacements too.

Flexible Pipe Connectors

Twin City Hose: Stainless Steel and Bronze Metal Hose Assemblies, PTFE Lined Metal Hose, Rubber, Metal Bellows and PTFE Expansion Joints, Thermal Seismic V and U Expansion Joints, Domestically Fabricated, Custom and Stock.





OCV Hydraulically Operated Control Valves


Hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated Control Valves for multi-function control of non-corrosive, non-abrasive fluids. Operate off line pressure or, if desired, from an independent power source to meet virtually any fluid handling and control need. Pressure Relief, Differential Control, Solenoid Control, Surge Anticipation, Rate of Flow, Pressure Reducing, Altitude, Check, and Pump Control Valves. Plus a new Digital Control Valve for distributed control systems. Shown at above right isPressure ReliefValve Model 108.To the left is Model 127, Pressure Reducing Valve. Click here for more information: Control Valves



Collins Instrument Control Valves

Highly responsive corrosion resistant process control valves specifically designed for use with corrosive media and in corrosive atmospheres. Especially suited for use in Specialty Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food,Paper and Pulp and Municipal process plants. These specialized control valves, stroking at 1/2-inch per second, operate with unparalleled precision. The differential area piston eliminates the necessity for auxilliary loading regulators. Orders for customized Cv vavles often ship in 2-days.Collins valves are loaded with features that make them the best process control valves available. For more information click here.


Zurn Chemical Drain Waste and Vent Piping

Zurn Specification Drainage Operation manufactures a variety of drainage and water control products that conform to A.N.S.I. standards. Zurn products are frequently specified by architects, mechanical engineers and plumbing contractors, and are sold into the non-residential commercial, industrial, and institutional construction markets. Consistent with its commitment to the plumbing industry, it was a natural progression for Zurn to enter the corrosive waste drainage market. Zurn chemical resistant Polypropylene and PVDF piping features a unique time and labor saving fusion pipe joint. For more information click here.

Scot Centrifugal, Process and BoosterPumps

Scot Electric motor Centrifugal Pumps for Water Service and Process. Self-Primers, Boosters, High Pressure Centrifugals. Also Centrifugals with Double Seals, Stainless Steel and Bronze fitted and ANSI Configuration for industrial and commercial service.

Cast Iron, Bronze and Stainless Steel Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Pumps, Boosters, Circulating Pumps and Double Seal Hot Oil Pumps, just to name a few of the models that can be made to order with all popular options to meet every need. Contact us for a complete Scot base mounted pump or for replacement Scot Seal Kits and parts. For more information please
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Full Featured Ball Valves
Models31P and 32P are Habonim’s line of one piece fully flanged reduced bore ball valves in ANSI class 150# and 300#.
Habonim’s flanged valves offer tight shut-off, long service and high durability. Available in sizes ½” through 8” The 47P series is the main line of Habonim 3-piece ball valves for industrial applications. The valves are suitable for applications requiring high flow capacity and tight shutoff. Sizes 1/4" - 6" (DN6 - DN150)
Flow Meters of all types

Shown here are Hedland E-Z viewflow meters, Direct reading, Install in any position 360° rotatable guard/scale, Easier to read linear scale No flow straighteners or special piping required Relatively insensitive to shock and vibration, Good viscosity stability (40 to 500 SUS/4.2 to 108csp) Units for other viscosities available Temperature up to 240 °F (116 °C) Pressure up to 6,000 psig Accuracy ±2% full scale Repeatability ±1%



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