Offset Pattern Flat Glass Gage Valves

Pressures to 600si @ +250°F (41400 kPa @ +121°C)
Temperature Ranges from -50°F to +250°F (-46°C to +121°C)



The 600 series includes Model 630J with these standard features:

A variety of optional features are available when specified.

Optional materials can be specified for the valve body and trim. (Trim consists of the stem, stem packing retainer, ball check, and seat). Standard and optional materials conform to AISI or ASTM Specification.

Pressure/Temperature Range

Model 630J valves are rated for pressures up to 6000 psi [41400 kPa] over a temperature range of -50°F to +250°F
(-46°C to +121°C). Optional O-ring materials and vessel tail pipes can be used to increase temperature capability.

Center-to-Center Dimensions
Dimension X
Dimension Y
630J 3-1/8



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