OS&Y Fugitive Emission Valves

1500 lb. ANSI rating -Pressures to 4000 psi @ +100°F (27600 kPa @ +38°C)
Temperature Ranges from-20°F to +400°F (-29°C to +204°C)

Environmental pollution is a global issue. Environmental regulations impacting plant operations include valves. The"ARRESTOR" OS&Y valve is utilized with gage glass, mag gage or other apparatus when process fluid vapors or gases are considered to be environmentally harmful.

Penberthy's "ARRESTOR" valves are individually serialized and tested to meet EPA emission test requirements. Each valve (550P/750P valve) is shipped with its individual test report that certifies less than 5 ppm methane equivalent leak rates using Kalrez® packing. Kalrez®/Zymaxx™, API 607 III Edition Fire Test qualified, is a packing material option.

Models 551P/751P are available with type-accepted packing, rated to leak rates of 500 PPM methane equivalent.

Optional materials of construction can be specified for the valve body and trim. (Trim consists of the stem, stem packing retainer, ball and seat.) Reference Penberthy Material Specification sheets for optional materials.

Model 530P and 730P center-to-center dimensional information corresponds to the fugitive emission 550P/551P and 750P/751P valves, respectively.

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