Gage Glass

Liquid Level Gage and Sight Glasses

Flat and Tubular gauge glass for liquid level and sight indication. Excellent quality and availability at competitive prices. One of the world’s largest stocking distributors and fabricators of gage glass.

Custom cutting, boxing, shipping services and pricing for re-sellers, exportersand Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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Flat Gage Glasses

Maxos® Plain-High Pressure-Reflex
Maxos® Standard Borosilicate OEM Replacement Gauge Glass for Penberthy, Daniel, Jerguson and Clark-Reliance Gages and others
Aluminosilicate High Temperature Flat Gage Glass
25MM (1" wide) Jerguson Replacement Glass
30MM Klinger Replacement Gauge Glass
Gage Glass Gaskets and Shields of all types

Tubular Gage Glasses

Duran® Redline Gage Glass

Duran® High Pressure Gage Glass

Duran® Standard Gage Glass

Duran® Heavy Wall Gage Glass

Duran® Heavy Wall Redline Gage Glass

Duran® Lubricator and Oil Cup Glasses


Borosilicate and Soda Lime Tubular Gage Glasses

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We also offer accessories: Valve sets, washers, cutters and brushes

Circular Sight Glass
Molded Borosilicate Tempered and Annealed Sight Glasses

Maxos Molded Circular Sight Glasses and Pyrex® Annular Edge Replacement Glasses, available in many standard and custom sizes for high or low-pressure service.

Stocked in various diameters, thickness and materials. Pyrex®, borosilicate, Vycor®, quartz, and cobalt blue.

Gaskets, Shields and complete sight glass mounting assemblies.

Gage and Sight Glass Accessories

Mica, and Kel-F Shields
Non-Asbestos, Graphite, Teflon and Neoprene Rubber Gaskets
Marvel and other Rubber Washers for tubular gauge glass
Gage Glass Cleaning Brushes.
Tubular Gage Glass Cutters
Custom, OEM, Bulk, and Export Packaging Available
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Direct Reading Sight Glass Assemblies

Tubular Liquid Level gage valves in Bronze, Carbon Steel, Iron and
Stainless Steel, Flat Glass Gage or Valve sets and assemblies.

Sight Flow Indicators, plain, drip, rotor, and flapper
type, flanged and threaded connections.

Sight Window Assemblies for Pressure Vessel and Commercial use. Replacement Parts for all models.

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Safeguard Armored Tubular Liquid Level Gage

Safeguard Tubular level gauge (shown with tubular glass gauge valves) is a direct reading armored liquid level gage assembly that is about one-tenth the cost of an armored flat glass gage. Safeguard is perfect for applications where product spills are not acceptable.

Safeguard uses clear or redline tubular gage glass protected by a steel U-channel with a clear polycarbonate see-thru window (with or with or without no-charge gage scale.) Made to order,Safeguards are available in lengthsup to10-feet. Safeguard uses 5/8" or 3/4" OD steel stubs installed into a standard tubular gage valve set.

This can minimize or eliminate steam attack of the gage glass in this area.Resulting inlonger maintenance intervals. To meet your budgetary and corrosion requirements Safeguards are available in all carbon steel , all stainless steel and carbon steel with stainless steel wetted parts.

For added safety a standard tubular gage glass can usually be replaced with a Safeguard.

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Gear case oil gauges

Gear case oil gauges, threaded sight windows, oil line gauges, plain oil gauges without shields, oil gauges with unions. Oil gauges are made in standard sizes, but can also be made in

various combinations to meet special requirements sizes from 1/8" to 2" - pipe thread and machine thread.

Electronic and Magnetic Level Gages

The Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge features local indirect visual indication at the vessel, point level control and continuous level measurement from a 4-20 milliamp signal when tied to your control panel. State of the art Magnetic Level Gages for high purity, corrosive, or toxic applications. Custom fabrication available. Point level switches, Ultrasonic gap and continuous level transmitters.




Penberthy Boiler Trim Level Gages and Alarms

Penberthy Series 1A single probe alarm system represents the latest advancement in electronic level indication. Based on the conductivity probe technology now widely accepted in the industry, it was specially designed to meet increasing demand for a reliable, cost effective means of sensing water in various applications. The probe can be mounted directly to the pressure vessel or column. The probes are welded stainless steel HP and IP electrode with zirconia insulator (3000 psig @ saturation, up to 1200°F [207 barg @ saturation, up to 649°C]) or threaded stainless steel LP electrode with Teflon® insulator (850 psig @ 525°F [58 bar-g @ 274°C]). The Series 1A is a direct replacement for mechanical float switches. Local LED indication of water level provides either redundant or primary visual verification


If you need a complete Gage and Water column assembly or a replacement electrode contact us to get more information on all of Penberthy / Yarway’s line of Steam Water Boiler Controls.

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