Waste Water

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T.G. Rankin Co. is proud of its long tradition of pursuing clean water and environmental issues through continued support and development of wastewater storage, pumping, treatment and dispersal technologies.

Poly Septic Tanks and Package Treatment

Polyethylene Septic Tanks out perform concrete in crack and leak resistance. Once the rainy day choice, Poly Tanks comply with codes in most counties. Fast pick-up and delivery. Poly tanks can be loaded and handled by two people. Just put it into a pick-up truck and take it to the installation site on your schedule. No need to wait for concrete septic tank delivery. With Poly tanks there is less need to cut down precious trees to make way for a boom truck. Distributors throughout the Midwest stock tanks in several sizes and styles with risers, covers and effluent filters.




Drip Irrigation and Effluent Dispersal

Netafim provides wastewater solutions centered around pumping technologies. Wastewater distribution dispersal and treatment are the mainstay of what Netafim features. Drip irrigation systems and controls for residential, commecial and municipal applications.



AK Hydro-Action Aerobic Treatment

Hydro-Action, a wholly owned subsidiary of AK Industries, is located in Plymouth, Indiana. The Company was established in 1979 by two brothers with a dream to be the best at what they did.

Producing a top quality line of products with consistent engineering and production detail, Continued, reliable customer service, poviding the “Best Value” available, this philosophy has driven the company to become a leader in fiberglass and polyethylene products for the wastewater industry. Hydro-Action Aerobic Treatment unit was tested under the provisions of ANSI/NSF Standard 40 (Class I) for Residential Wastewater treatment Systems (May 1996 revision). ANSI/NSF Standard 40 was developed by the NSF Joint Committee on Wastewater Technology.

The performance evaluation was conducted at the NSF Wastewater Technology Test Facility in Chelsea, Michigan, using wastewater diverted from the Chelsea municipal wastewater collection system. The evaluation consisted of sixteen weeks of dosing at design flow, seven weeks of stress test and three weeks of dosing at design flow. Sampling started in November and continued into May, covering a range of operating temperatures. Over the course of the evaluation, the average effluent CBOD5 was 9 mg/L, ranging between 3 and 60 mg/L, and the average effluent suspended solids was 15 mg/L, ranging between 4 and 100 mg/L. The effluent pH ranged from 7.1 to 8.3. The model AP500 produced an effluent that successfully met the performance requirements established by ANSI/NSF Standard 40 for Class 1 effluent:




Secondary Treatment and Effluent Dispersal

Often in today’s residential home construction market pumping wastewater to municipal treatment is cost prohibitive. Our wastewater division’s leading technologies include; Peat Filtration of effluent, Drip Dispersal, Sand Filters, new installer access box (right), Fixed Film Media Aeration, UV disinfection and Automated FOG (fats, oils and grease) monitoring. We offer localized onsite wastewater treatment for residential subdivisions and commercial applications. We specialize in projects where great distances from municipal sewers prevent pumping and where adverse soils make conventional wastewater treatment impossible. Flow rates from 350 to 3-million GPD.

SJE Rhombus IFS Model TD (Timed Dosing) Pump Control Panel

Model TD control panel is an installer friendly, reliable means of controlling one singe phase effluent pump in on-site septic installations. Time dosing prevents soil or system overload.

A low-level cutout float overrides the timer to prevent the pump from running dry. An alarm float activates the audio/visual alarm system indicating a high liquid level. Common applications include sand filter systems, pressure distribution systems, mound systems, drip systems or any application requiring timed dose control. UL/cUL Listed.

Product features:10" X 8" X 4" enclosure, alarm beacon / horn, silencer switch, programmable timer, pump circuit breaker, magnetic motor contactor, control and alarm fuses, terminal blocks, Switches: HOA, one (low-level cutout) 20’ PumpMaster; one (alarm) 20’ Sensor Float® Mini control.

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Level Controls and Alarms

SJE Rhombus was a pioneer in time dosing to prevent the overload of drain field soils. They offer a wide variety of Liquid Level Sensing, Flow Control, Monitoring and Alarm Systems. Pump Starters, Custom Panels, Alternators for duplex sewage ejector systems, Hydro Pneumatic Controls, Electrode Alarms, Tel-A-Signal Systems and Panels to Print. We can provide switches or panels one at a time or quantities and packaging for your most demanding OEM applications.
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SJE Rhombus





Email us for design assistance on your next decentralized treatment project.

Pumping To Treatment

Grinder Pumps and Lift Stations

When pumping sewage or effluent is required we offer everything necessary to complete the job. For pressure sewer applications grinders are the pump of choice. We have several. If looking for a replacement pump or if you are designing a subdivision of 300-homes we have the exact the pump or lift station system for the application. When solids are separated and only effluent needs to be moved to treatment we offer several effluent pumps for standard, filtered and high head applications. Contact us for design assistance.

Effluent Pumps, STEP systems: filtered pump vaults


Polylok Extend & Lok

This problem solving PVC pipe fitting was designed for easier septic filter Installation in hard to reach places. No more fighting with outlet pipes that are flush against the septic tank wall. Simply hammer in the PVC friction fit Extend & Lok™ and that’s it! The filter or inlet tee now can easily be installed and centered under the riser. Extend & Lok™ Makes for Easy Installation on existing systems. Many other uses too!