Maxos® Disks


As a size for size replacement for Pyrex Brand Annular Edge sight glass,
Maxos® is clearly a better choice!

Maxos® is molded from specially formulated borosilicate 8488 glass, which gives it a superior quality over cut and ground glass. The Maxos® molding process produces a uniform product with excellent optical clarity and greater thermal shock resistance at an economical price. Testing procedures subject the sight glass to 5 times its rated pressure for maximum user safety. The 8488-borosilicate features chemical attack resistance to all acids except hydrofluric and hot phosphoric. Maxos® disks are suitable for tempratures up to 572°F at atmospheric pressure. Shields* may be used on Maxos® disks as needed for service conditions.

For application assistance, please contact us with your service conditions: temperature, pressuire, media, and unsupported diameter. Service limitations will vary with the unsupported diameter, thickness of glass and the corrosive nature of the media.


We also offer custom sized Borofloat disks and other shaped to meet virtually any sight glass needs. Borofloat is an extremely clear heat resistant glass.

Important Note: Regardless of the glass ratings shown, never exceed the gage manufacturer’s pressure limitations.

For futher information refer to the gage manufacturer’s installation,
operation and maintenance instruction manual.

Maxos®is a registered trademark of Auer Lighting Products, Bad Gandersheim, Germany.

*Shields offer some resistance to chemical attack but hinder visibility.

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