Jet Pumps



Jets provide a practical alternative to more complicated and expensive methods. Jet pumps offer simple, more cost-effective ways to pump, mix or heat a wide range of liquids and gases used in the process industry. Jet pumps can operate with a wide variety of motive liquids and gases. If you recognize any of the following, you can probably use a Penberthy jet pump.

Injector Eductors
Exhausters Boosters
Ejectors Kinematic Pumps

Jet pumps have a myriad of uses. Jet pumps not only pump liquids, they can heat, mix and blend either in-line or in-tank. Jet pumps can evacuate gases, create a vacuum, boost suction pressures, mix granular solids with liquids and move granular solids with compressed air. In fact, you will be suprised at what a jet pump can do to solve your problem.

Using jet products,T.G. Rankin Co., working with process engineers, has helped to solve problems in pasturization, heating, pumping and mixing. Industries served include grain processing, brewing, ethanol / alcohol and petro-chemical. Recently T.G. Rankin has provided jets for ethanol regen eductors, tank mixing eductors, SRH yeast tempering eductors, blend tank heating , CTX slurry tank heating, digester steam ring heaters, mash liquifier and more.

The purpose of this section and its associated pages is to identify the many uses for jet pumps, to identify pumps for specific processing operations and perhaps recognize new ways to use jet pumps to reduct costs and optimize plant efficiency. T.G. Rankin Co. invites you to explore the possibilities of jet pump use in your operation. You might be surprised at the many ways jet pumps can improve your process.



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