Magnetic Level Gages

MULTIVIEW Magnetic Liquid Level Gage

MULTIVIEW magnetic liquid level gages can be engineered and
built to serve practically any process situation from the simplest
to the most severe, corrosive environment. The unique
concentric magnet design is to good to 800F.

MULTIVIEW Magnetic Liquid Level Gage

Superior Visual Indication, Point Level Control & Continuous Level Measurement, can be fitted with switches for automated fluid control.



Penberthy MULTIVIEW™ Liquid Level Meter
2 Types Available

Follower Style Indication - hermetically sealed tube in a protective view housing

Flag Style Indication - sealed assembly with aluminum flags
arranged in a single column within a black extruded aluminum


MULTIVIEW Magnetic Liquid Level Gages utilize a communicating chamber constructed of 2-1/2" pipe which is connected to the process tank with either side or end connections. A float with a self-enclosed magnet is custom sized and weighted to float at the surface of the process liquid to be monitored. The float is then installed in the communicating chamber.

The industry-unique concentric magnet in MULTIVIEW gages provides a more consistent magnetic field than conventional magnet designs.

The Mini-Mag sidewall and top mount models are constructed of a smaller, 1" pipe. This serves to reduce initial cost without sacrificing performance. They are perfect for applications such as HVAC, refrigeration, filter housings, wastewater treatment, skid systems and tank manufacturers. Only flag-type level indication is offered with Mini-Mag gages.

Typical Process Applications

Sodium Hypochlorite Ammonia Jet Fuel
Boiler Feedwater Tank Butane Molten Sulfur
Hydrochloric Acid Seal Oil Pots Sour Oil
Stop Oil Black Liquor Diesel Fuel
LPG Drip pot Deionized Water
Interface Boiler Steam Drums Sumps
Dowtherm® Glycol Freon
Sulfuric Acid Propane Liquid Ethylene
Hydrogen Sulfide Hydraulic Oil Water
Oil/Water Separator Feedwater Heaters Underground Storage
Sodium Hydroxide Extreme Flashing Benzene
Liquid Nitrogen Hydrazine Aslphalt Settler
Flare drums Caustic Chemicals Acetic Acid
Phosgene Fuel Oil Liquids & Slurries
Hydrofluoric Acid    

Optional accessories and trim levels for
MULTIVIEW Magnetic Level Gages

Sanitary Models meet 3A standards for quick disconnect and cleaning.

  • Sensors, switches and transmitters of all types to assist in monitoring and controlling your process.
  • Explosion Proof (XP) Illuminator FM approved, meets Class 1, Group B,C, and D. 125/250 Vac. 25 or 60 watts.
  • Frost Free Extensions for super frigid applications.
  • Thermal tracing electric or piped for refrigerant or steam.
  • Insulation Blankets of fiberglass, with various coatings such as Teflon, and rubber.
  • Drum Level Indicator combines a magnetic level gage with a direct reading armored level gage meeting ASME Boiler Code, section 1.

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