Level and Flow Sensors

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SWI; Solutions with Innovation
IFM Effector
Stewarts USA Dial Face Pressure/Temperature Gages

Level Transmitter

  • Float Type
  • Float Type, Fuel
  • Low Cost RF Capacitance

Solid State, Point Level

  • Dual Level Conductivity Controller
  • Single Level Conductivity Controller
  • Ultrasonic

Float Switches

Multi-Level Vertical Mount

  • Large Size, Custom to 11 Feet
  • Small Size, Custom to 4 Feet

Single Point Horizontal Mount

  • All Stainless Hazardous Location
  • Bent Stem, High Bouyancy
  • Compact, Plastic or Stainless Steel

Single Point Vertical Mount

  • All Stainless, High Temperature-High Pressure
  • Compact, High Temperature-High Pressure
  • Intermediate Size (Buna Float)
  • Compact, Low Cost
  • Sub-Compact OEM Applications

Float Switches

  • Compact, to 2GPM water
  • In-Line, to 50 GPM water
  • Sub-Compact, to 1 GPM water

Special Controls and Indicators

  • 'Trombone', For Dirty and Viscous
  • Adjustable Suspended
  • Dip Tape Visual Indicator
  • Integral Dispensing Tube
  • Shielded Level Switch
  • Large Remote Chamber
  • Small Remote Chamber
  • Swing Arm


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