Level Gages & Valves

Our quality product lines, application expertise and large inventory are the solutions to your process needs.

For direct visual indication of process level, a broad range of flat-glass transparent or reflex gages are available to meet most temperature/pressure conditions. Tubular styles are also available, along with a complete line of both straight and offset pattern valves.

We are constantly searching for improved level gage technologies. This is no better demonstrated than by the new Graph-a-Bond™ gasket and XP illuminator. The Graph-a-Bond™is a patent-pending graphite composite gasket that provides both superior strength to resist gasket deformation and better surface adhesion than commonly used graphite gaskets. The XP Illuminator is the first standard lamp illuminator with a watertight seal. This provides flat glass gage illumination outdoors with a product that’s impervious to the elements and can operate maintenance free and reliably for years. For more information on these breakthrough products, contact us today.

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