Sight Flow Indicator

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Sight Flow Indicators are the most reliable, easy to install, and economical investment for viewing flow at critical points in your process. T.G. Rankin Co. distributes Sight Flow Indicators worldwide to meet routine as well as the most demanding applications.

We offer the widest and most comprehensive selection of Sight Flow Indicators and Sight Windows available, including ANSI, Teflon & Tefzel lined, FM approved dual-window, armored, full-view, threaded window and low-flow gaseous models. All sizes and materials of construction are available, with flanged, threaded, and special connections for CIP clean applications, as well as rotator, flapper, drip-tube, ball or plain indicator styles.

Special Sight Flow Indicators can be designed to accommodate specific application requirements for virtually every phase of liquid movement.

Sight Flow Indicators provide an effective way to view the qualities of liquids or solids flow through pipelines at most any flow, pressure, or temperature, a major advantage over electronic devices where it is difficult to distinguish if there is a flow problem or malfunction in the device.

Direct reading sight glasses are valuable for minimizing or eliminating downtime. Operators and plant engineers can view actual line conditions and the quality of oil used to lubricate or cool plant equipment. With steam processes, Sight Flow Indicators enable personnel to detect, at a glance, the presence of condensate and to promptly take steps to eliminate it. By clearly showing drops in flow rates and discoloration of material when filters become clogged, corrective action can be taken immediately. In applications involving the processing of solids, full-view Sight Flow Indicators are recommended.

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