Sewage Pump

Sewage pumps are the work-horse in our submersible pump product offering. Most can pass 2" solids. Featuring semi-open and vortex impeller styles. Vortex impeller designs do not actually touch the material being pumped. Technically the pumping is done through the creation of a vortex. Sewage pumps are offered in a power range from 4/10 - 2 HP and typically voltages of
115 and 230.

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T50SW Sewage Pump

1/2 HP Cast-Iron, 113 GPM @ 5’, Cast-Iron Motor and Pump Housing, Oil-filled, Thermally Protected Motor Prevents Overheating, 2” NPT Discharge Capable of Handling 2” Solids, Lower Ball Bearing for Quiet Operation and Long Life, Durable Components, Designed for Residential and Light Commercial Sewage Applications, Ideal for Basement or Below Grade Installations, 10', SJTW Power Cord, 18" or Wider Sewage Basins, Shipping Weight, 54 lbs

Hydromatic SP40 Carbon/Ceramic type 21 mechanical seal Oil-filled motor with automatic reset thermal overload for maximum protection (one phase models) Upper and lower single-row ball-bearing construction, Piggyback plug available for easy maintenance and switch replacement, High-capacity sump/effluent, sewage, 115v or 230v, 4/10HP, cast iron body, thermoplastic impeller, 10’cord, 1-1/4” solids handling.

Sewage Pumps are stocked or are available in several other sizes and variations other than as shown on this page. We are featuring some of the biggest sellers.

A common sewage pump application is with a packaged system (right.) When a homeowner wants to install a wet bar and a lavatory in a basement or other area that is not served by a gravity sewer.
A simple sewage ejector system can provide economical, quiet, un-noticed service for years.

Non-Clog is a commercial-industrial category of sewage pumps used by municipalities and developers. Non-clog sewage pumps ranging from 7-1/2 to 200 horse power are available with pipe sizes of 4" and greater.