Utility Pump


Blue Angel Utility Pump Model BPC-2  380 GPH 

340 GPH @ 0' head
Corrosion-Resistant, Chrome-Plated Bronze Volute with 3/4" Bronze Hose Fitting
Convenient Transfer Pump for Household Use

Portable and Lightweight Transfer Pump, Take it anywhere!
Removes Water Down to 1/8" of Surface When Water Suction Attachment is Connected
Includes 6' Suction Hose, Water Suction Attachment and Replacement Parts Kit
6', SJTW Power Cord Non-Automatic
Powerful Suction Head Up to 10'
Shipping Weight, 7.25 lbs.


Blue Angel Utility Cast Iron Transfer Pump Model EC50 

610 GPH @ 0' (40 PSI) Boosts Line Pressure Up To 40 PSI
Corrosion-Resistant Cast-Iron Pump Housing and Motor for Durability
Removes Water Down to 1/8" of Surface When Water Suction Strainer is Connected, Portable and Lightweight Transfer Pump You Can Take Anywhere

Applications Include Drainage, Dewatering Flooded Basements, Emptying Stock Tanks, Draining Water Heaters, And Charging Polyglycol Radiant Heating Lines, etc.

Get the pump only or with the optional "KIT" which includes: 1/2 HP Cast-Iron Transfer Pump, Suction Strainer, Carry and Storage Case, 3/4" Brass Hose Adapters, 8' SJTW Power Cord, Non-Automatic
Powerful Suction Head Up to 15'
Shipping Weight, 23.7 lbs. Shown above with optional "kit" case


Myers MES106 Utility Pump (with puddle sucker attachment)

Up to 5 GPM with 10' head
Connects to standard garden hose
115V AC with 6' power cord
Removes standing water down to 1/8" depth
Weighs only 4 lbs
Built-in carrying handle
Includes 6' suction hose and floor drainer

To operate, just attach a standard hose to pump discharge and plug into any 115V outlet, air-cooled, high-torque, non-submersible motor with overload protection