Poly Septic Tanks

Snyder Industries; Septic Tanks

D-2 by Snyder is a trash tank and pump tank in one.  New design features and supports for strength make this possible.  Also all Snyder tanks save installation time by coming pre-assembled and pre-plumbed.  Rotational molding has proven to be an ideal method
of producing a seamless one-piece tank that minimizes the risk of leaking by cracks known in other more brittel materials. In addition, polyethylene, because of its excellent corrosion resistance, relatively low cost and chemical compatibility is a near perfect material for on-site applications. When properly molded and installed, polyethylene tanks can readily endure the stresses imposed by operation and burial loads. To the right is the new Redi-Lift 300-gallon pump tank complete with pump and float switch. These are pre-plumbed. Installs in less than one hour! For more information click here: Snyder Poly Septic Tanks

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