Municipal Treatment

Decentralized Primary, Secondary and Alternative

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Pumping wastewater to a large metropolitan treatment facility is not always the most practical practical solution. Our wastewater division’s leading technologies can make it more cost-effective to treat wastewater closer to its source. We assist with the following with budgetary and design elements at every phase of the project.

  • Land developers
  • Civil and mechanical engineers
  • Excavators, Installers
  • Regulators
  • Municipalities

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Technologies include; Decentralized modular systems, MBBRPeat Filtration of effluent, Shallow trench Dripdispersal irrigation, Sand Filters, Fixed Film Media Aeration (ATU), UV effluent disinfection for open or subsurface discharge.  We offer localized onsite wastewater treatment for residential subdivisions, apartment complexes, shopping centers and commercial applications. We specialize in projects where great distances from metropolitan sewers prevent pumping and where adverse soils make conventional waste water treatment impossible.

Flow rates from 1 - 2880 gpm (6 units, 3gpm per unit)

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Planet Care Eco-Pure Peat Moss Bio-Filter

Sphagnum peat moss at the heart of the Eco-Pure system provides the optimal environment for naturally occurring organisms that provide a high level of wastewater treatment. Treatment occurs by a combination of physical, biological and chemical processes. Due to the unique process, The Eco-Pure Peat Moss Biofilter is patented.

Each 7-feet x 10-feet x 4-feet module is a capable of treating flows of up to 650 gallons, the design peak daily maximum flow of a four bedroom home.

Wastewater enters the Eco-Pure Peat Moss Biofilter, often by gravity flow, at the top of the module and is evenly distributed over the sphagnum peat moss bed through a high density polyethylene distribution plate, placed directly on top of the peat moss. Treated effluent is collected at the bottom of the module in a 4-inch diameter collection pipe. The 4-inch pipe sits in the channels manufactured in each module. The treated effluent is discharged at the bottom of the module into a subsurface leach field.

Use a peat filter when your lot, due to small size, poor soils or close proximity to a lake, cannot permit use of a conventional lateral or drip irrigation system. Assuming a .2 soil load, the gravel-bed footprint for a single family home (350 GPD) unit is only 35’ X 50


Clarus Recirculating Media Filter (RMF) is designed for use in decentralized wastewater treatment applications


Presby Environmental Advanced Enviro Septic AES Treatment and Dispersal System

Presby Advanced Enviro-Septic™ engineered drain field that is also a wastewater treatment system. Small foot print, no maintenance AES systems for residential or commercial applications have design flexibility for new or replacement wastewater treatment system or leach fields. Consisting of 12” X 120” pipe sections, as determined by soil loading rates of the site, a typical residence can require as few as 15-sticks installed in a 15’ X 35’ sand bed. Missouri Installers can view the NSF experimental installation manual and take the course and test to become an authorized here







Presby’s AES Advanced Environmental Septic system is an NSF approved Class 1 effluent treatment system that uses no energy and requires no maintenance. Tens of thousands of them have been installed and are successfully treating waste streams across the country. In addition to being a treatment system and drain bed in one, Presby AES can be applied in a small footprint.

To go to Presby’s website to register for the course and view the test please click here.


Aqua-Azul UV Tertiary Effluent Disenfection

Disinfect water borne pathogens without introduction of undesirable chemicals such as chlorine. California-based Aqua Azul builds 155-model designs utilizing the latest advancements in energy efficient long lasting lamp technology. These include designs for low, medium and high pressure flows. Municipal treatment specialists can help design a system to meet your output and budgetary criteria.

Aqua-Azul UV purification products deliver high performance with exceptional longevity and minimal maintenance. Amalgam lamp replacements for all brands are available

Aquapoint custom designed decentralized wastewater treatment systems

Developing a residential subdivision, commercial or institutional property, Aquapoint custom designed decentralized wastewater treatment systems meet or exceed required discharge standards. Modular technology enables adaptive solutions to specific waste stream characteristics and demanding regulatory standards. Aquapoint treatment processes are simple, reliable and versatile.


Core technologies: MBR, BioclereTM and LotusTM - ActiveCellTM utilize biological stable and competitively priced fixed film treatment process. Sand Filters, ANOX Denitrification Reactors, Phosphorus Precipitation units, UV Disinfection systems and state of the art controls for Aquapoint wastewater treatment equipment.
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American Manufacturing Drip Irrigation Effluent Dispersal System

Perc Rite Design Drip Irrigation System is an economical method of effluent treatment for soils that cannot support conventional septic systems. Assembled from off the shelf components, American Manufacturing Perc Rite Systems are easy to install and automatically back flush with every cycle. Using a control panel and float switches, Perc Rite systems time dose effluent such that no additional treatment is required. Call us for assistance with complete system design or for a coil of drip rubing and a Bull Run Dial-A-Flow valve. For more information click here: Americanonsite

Design a residential drip irrigation with American Manufacturing’s Perc Rite Design Calc Sheet
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Drip Irrigation Tubing

For wastewater system installers. Netafim Bio-line Drip Irrigation tubing by American Manufacturing. This tubing is typically installed with a vibratory plough as a dosed drain filed in alternative wastewater treatment systems. Stocked in 500’ and 1000’ rolls.






lant or sand filter. Insures public health protection on problem or ecologically sensitive sites without the 

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