Pumping to Treatment

When pumping to de-centralized treatment below are some pumping options...

Grinder Pumps

2 hp, 1-1/4" Discharge grinder pump meets the demanding needs of commercial and residential sewage applications. It features a hardened 440 stainless steel cutter for shearing solids into small particles. Best for individual or groups of homes, motels, schools, shopping centers, lakefront developments and systems requiring high pressure sewage pumping.



Whether you’re replacing an existing grinder pump or custom designing a new pressure sewer system, Blue Angel grinders can be packaged with any number of tank sizes. Supplied with a 25’ power cord, a 230v plug, internal start capacitor, and a float switch, this pump is ready to drop in and use. It does not need a control panel. 2-year limited warranty.

For design assistance with your application for residential or commercial grinder pumps please contact us.



Duplex Grinder Package

For residential and commercial applications, TGR offers complete factory assembled duplex grinder package featuring Blue Angel 2 hp grinder pump. All internal brackets, floats, guide-rail base and discharge piping are pre-installed at the factory saving hours of labor at the job site.


Factory assembled duplex grinder package with 36" X 48" fiberglass basin with anit-flotation collar. Packages include two 2- Grinder Pumps. Pumps that feature 2 hp heavy-duty oil filled and thermally protected motors, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase. 1-1/4" discharge. Stainless steel guide rail assemblies are also included.

Features a pre-mounted float switch system for pump control and alarm, NEMA 4X junction box for electrical connections, stainless steel chain for pump lift-out, ball check valves and more. Two-year limited warranty

Barnes Pumps

Barnes Pressure Sewer Systems offer a broad range of customized engineered pressure sewer basins with reliable and dependable 1 to 7.5 hp grinder pumps in simplex and duplex configurations to the municipal and commercial markets. The basins come in a variety of sizes to fit specific applications with custom control panels, multiple cover options and many accessories to suit exact needs.







STEP Filtered Effluent Pump Vaults


STEP Filtered Pump Vaults, offered with self-contained pump and alarm alarm switches, simplex and duplex designs for high head filtered effluent pumping applications. Perfect for pressure sewer systems in subdivisions that may involve steep terrain developments where distances and hills make pumping to treatment a challenge for other pressure sewer designs. In the event of a power outage, properly designed STEP systmes allow homes several more "flushes" not possible with a typical sewage ejector.



Gould's Grinder Pumps and systems
For and entire subdivision or just one lake house, Gould's grinder liftstations are among the most reliable sewage systems offered. Complete with fiberglass tank, rail system and alarm-control panel Gould's sewage ejectors are the heart of any pressure sewer system.

ABS Grinder Pumps and Packages

Standard and Custom, Simplex and Duplex Ejector Packages for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications. Packages include selected Effluent and Sewage Grinder Pumps, Level Controls, Basins, Covers and Alarms, matched to meet your individual requirements. All assembled from in-stock components.

Sewage Grinder Pumps


All Stainless Steel Constructed Submersible Sump, Sewage, Fountain, and Centrifugal Pumps. These models are available up to 2 HP and offer such features as double mechanical shaft seals, air filled motors can operate fully or partially submerged, continuous duty rated.

Sewage Pump



Effluent Pumps

High Head Turbine Filtered Effluent Pumps

For new applications or to replace S.T.E.P. system effluent pumps for peat filter, mound systems, sand filter low pressure dosing systems and drip irrigationonsite wastewater systems. Design features for longer trouble-free operation; continuoous duty rating, stainless steel corrosion resistant construction, hermetically sealed motor.


Filtered Pump Vaults, with self-contained pump and alarm alarm switches. Simplex and duplex designs for high head filtered effluent applications. Perfect for large subdivisions or steep terrain developments where distances and hills make pumping to treatment a challenge for other pressure sewer designs. Often STEP systems are a worthy alternative to grinder pump systems. STEP systems work in conjunction with a solids collection (Septic) tank. During times of power or pump failure, STEP systems offer considerbly more "Flushing" capacity than a typical grinder sewage ejector system. The cost of pump replacement in a STEP system is much less than that of a grinder. STEP systems require periodic maintenance of the filters.


Featuring High Head Grinder Models


Designed for long reliable service, ideal for long discharge runs and high static head applications. Meets requirements for rugged municipal service. Grit resistant silicone carbide seals, double ball bearing design, 1-1/4” discharge, bronze recessed vortex impellers, Hardened 440C stainless cutters.

Complete simplex and duplex packages including pit, panel, float switches, alarm, check valve and cover are available. "No job is too big or too small."