Pumping Liquid with Liquid

Pumping Liquid/Liquid Motive
Models LL, LM, LH

One of the most common applications for a Penberthy jet pump is to pump liquids using a liquid motive. In the process industry, this is perhaps one of the most recognized uses for a jet pump. Like all Penberthy jet pumps, liquid motive jet pumps are simple in design with no moving parts to wear out, they require no lubrication, are virtually maintenance-free and are easy to install without special structures or foundations. All Penberthy jet pumps are self-priming and are available in a variety of materials to suit the specific characteristics of the liquid involved in the process.

The L Series jet pumps, Models LL, LM and LH, are specifically designed to operate well in a range of liquid pumping applications. Some industries in which these models are particularly well-suited include chemical processing, textile manufacturing, petroleum production & refining, power generation, mining, nuclear power generation, waste water treatment & processing, construction, distilling and potable water processing. Specific applications within these industries might include: handling condensate, flow volume multiplication, for pumping, making dilutions, pumping wells, circulating solutions, emptying cesspools, pumping brine solutions, extracting solvents, draining cellars & tanks, pumping out barges, acidifying, causticizing oils, producing emulsions and elevating/lifting liquids.

Selection Guide

To determine the correct jet pump for a specific application, certain operating information is necessary. Simply make note of the individual specification data that is required under each of the functions listed below: MOTIVE, SUCTION and DISCHARGE.


  • Liquid
  • Pressure (Available)
  • Flow Rate (Available volume)
  • Specific Gravity/Viscosity
  • Temperature/Vapor Pressure


  • Liquid
  • Suction Life or Static Head
  • Specific Gravity/Viscosity
  • Temperature/Vapor Pressure
  • Required Pumping Capacity


  • Pressure or Discharge Head (That unit must overcome)

All conditions are measured at the Motive, Suction and Discharge ports

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