Pumping Gas With Steam

Pumping Gas/Steam or Gas Motive
Models GL, GH, U, L, 2NC

Penberthy jet pumps can also use steam or a gas (air) as the operating media for exhausting, evacuating or priming operations. Primary uses of these types of pumps are for exhausting or evacuating gases. Exhausting means removing gases from an area at a continuous rate while maintaining pressure at a constant level. Evacuation means drawing gases from a defined volume by pumping the vessel down from an initial pressure to a final lower pressure. These steam/gas motive jet pumps meet the industry's most stringent requirements, while providing a simple, low-cost method of transporting gases, operating flawlessly even in the harshest work environments.

Penberthy Models GL and GH operate at pressures from 20 to 120 psig (140 to 830 kPag), the overall capacity being slightly higher when using air as the operating media. U and L Models are single-stage ejectors while the 2NC is a two-stage, non-condensing ejector using steam as the operating media. All these units provide maintenance-free pumping capabilities. Some uses for steam/gas motive jet pumps include: creating vacuums, exhausting vapors from process systems, evacuating tanks and vessels, priming, fume removal, fluid concentration, humidifying and drying. Industries that could benefit from the use of these jet pumps might include: chemical processing, textile manufacturing, food processing, petroleum production and refining, sterilization and HVAC.

Selection Guide:

As with pumping gas with liquid motive, steam/gas motive jet pumps require similar information in order to determine the specific jet pump model to fit a particular gas pumping application. These typical applications also involve either exhausting or evacuating.

If Exhausting (Continuous Suction Flow)

  • Pressure (Available)
  • Flow Rate (Available volume-scfm)
  • Temperature
  • Molecular Weight (Gas only)


  • Pressure (Inches Hg Abs-kg/cm2 Abs)
  • Flow Rate-scfm
  • Temperature
  • Molecular Weight


  • Pressure (That unit must overcome)

If Evacuating (Sealed Vessel-Pump Down)

  • Volume of Space to Evacuate
  • Required Evacuation Time (minutes)

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