Sanitary Jet Mixing Eductors

Sanitary Circulating Tank Eductor
Model SCTE

In sanitary process operations, the mixing and heating of a variety of liquid components is often required. For mixing and blending everything from fluids to heavy slurries, circulating tank eductors provide the perfect mix of efficiency and cost-savings. The Penberthy Model SCTE jet pump offers an effective alternative to other mechanical in-tank mixing methods in sanitary applications. Whether used in food & beverage or dairy processing, or pharmaceutical, biotechnology or other specialized chemical processing applications, the Model SCTE functions effortlessly.

This simple one-piece unit is constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel and is 3-A certified. An inherently non-clogging device, the unit has no moving parts to wear out, which is especially beneficial when processing abrasive mixtures--that means little or no maintenance! The jet pump's design also promotes more thorough mixing than more expensive mechanical mixing systems. Its powerful flow pattern provides complete integration of a wide range of substances in many types of liquids. In situations where sanitary conditions must be maintained, clean-up is fast and easy. The Model SCTE is compatible with CIP/SIP techniques. With its flexibility and many uses, the Model SCTE can integrate easily into numerous sanitary process operations!

Selection Guide

Fitting these sanitary jet pump/tank eductors to your specific situation requires some data that only you can provide.


  • Operating Liquid(s) Involved
  • Pressure (Available)
  • Flow Rate (Volume available)
  • Temperature
  • Specific Gravity/Viscosity


  • Tank Size (Dimensions)
  • Tank Shape
  • Maximum Volume (Total amount to be mixed)


  • Time required to achieve uniformity (Turnover rate)


  • Solids That Are Involved For Suspension

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