Automatic Boiler Injectors

Automatic Injectors
Standard, High & Low-Pressure

Ever since 1886, Penberthy Automatic Injectors have been key to building the company's reputation. Defined as a boiler feeding pump, the basic, time-tested design has changed little over the years. Using the velocity and condensation of a jet of steam from the boiler to lift and force into the same boiler a stream of water, these units are a testament to both operating simplicity and efficiency. Penberthy Automatic Injectors offer many benefits over more expensive mechanical pumps, where cold water make-up is used. These benefits include: durable construction, compact design with no mechanical parts, no foundation or floor space required, no external power source needed, low initial cost, easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free. Plus, the unique design allows warm water to feed the boiler without preheating.

These units are available in Standard, High-Pressure and Low-Pressure Models in a wide range of sizes and specifications. Typical applications include: primary boiler feed service, stand-by boiler feed service, preheating makeup water, injection of feedwater treatment compounds and high pressure/high temperature water supply. Over the years, Penberthy Automatic Injectors have performed flawlessly in unforgiving boiler room settings all around the globe. They can do the same for you!

Selection Guide:

Automatic injectors can be properly selected by focusing on information relating to the operating conditions of the application under which the injectors will be working.


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