Special Jet Pumps

Additional Jet Pump Products

In addition to its standard line of jet pumps, Penberthy offers a variety of components and specialty products. These devices either complement existing jet pumps or are complete stand-alone systems. Besides the products shown on this page, they also include Flocculant Dispensers, Washdown Hoppers with a built-in spray system for moving solids, Submersible Automatic Sump Drainer, as well as the first produce made by Penberthy back in 1886, The Automatic Boiler Injector.

Wrench-Flat Design
All Penberthy jet pumps from 1/2" to 3" have standard wrench flat to allow ease of assembly. This eliminates the need for a pipe wrench and minimizes damage to the body.





Sanitary Jet Pumps
Penberthy has a number of jet pumps designed to meet the service requirements in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. These units have 3-A certification. The three-piece construction and sanitary flange connections make regular maintenance and cleaning a simple procedure.







Flocculant Dispersers
When powder must be combined with water to create chemical concentrations, Penberthy Model 62DP Flocculant Dispersers provide the perfect mix. Dispersers can effectively wet 5 pounds of powder for every 10 to 15 gallons of water operating with supply water pressures from 20 to 100 psig.





Ceramic Nozzle Jet Pumps
When dealing with solids or slurries, the interior of the jet nozzle can wear quickly. To minimize this wear the nozzle is lined with ceramic material. The body is cast stainless steel. This design allows either part to be replaced.




Fluoroelastomer Lined Jet Pumps
For erosive or corrosive applications dealing with solids or slurries, the interior of the jet pump body and/or nozzle can erode quickly. Lining the jet pump with fluoroelastomeric material will significantly increase the service life of these units, minimizing premature erosion to the body.





Tefzel™ Lined Eductors
In erosive/corrosive applications, Penberthy Tefzel™ Lined Eductors offer a durable lined interior surface that performs flawlessly, even when subjected to internal temperatures of up to 300°F. Tefzel™ lining can extend jet pump service life in cases where abrasive solids and slurries accelerate wear.





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