Backup Sump Pump

During a thunderstorm when the power goes off, preventing a flooded basement, a backup to the main sump pump will save you thousands of dollars and loads of grief.  Back up sump pumps can be powered by a constantly charges battery or by your municipal water supply.  Both are effective and will do the job when needed. 

Battery Powered Sump Pump Back Up Systems

Hydromatic FG100A

Solid state controller monitors water level, battery condition.  Operates pump as required and sounds an audible alarm.  Inclcudes all connections for pump, charger and float switch.  Attactive battery case with integrated system controls.  Area light illuminates area during while power it out.  12-volt Group 24 deep cycle marine battery not included

Hydropump RH1400

Specially designed
battery powered backup sump pump system. HYDROPUMP RH1400
is mounted on the floor next to the sump and primarily used with very small sumps. This pump goes where other pumps won't fit. All parts necessary for installation are included. Base Products believes you need to install your pump, right down to the last screw, clamp, pipe, and fitting.  In most cases, the only extra item you will need to buy is the battery, which you can obtain from us or  locally.   You will need some thread sealing tape, PVC cement, and a few household tools.

Blue Angel BSS25  Combination 115-volt primary and battery-backup sump pump system
1/3 HP - 120-Volt - 58 GPM @ 5'
PreAssembled and Job-Ready 1/3 HP Sump Pump and Back-Up System for Quick and Easy Installation!  Cap Switch Technology is an Innovative Breakthrough, Providing the Most Reliable Switch on the Market Today... Lasting 5 Times Longer Than Standard Switches! - No Adjustment Needed!
Heavy-Duty Check Valves Already Installed
Durable Cast-Iron Volute and Reliable, Reinforced Poly-Carbonate Impeller
Oil-Filled, Thermally Protected Motor Prevents Overheating
Top Suction Screen Filters Debris and Minimizes Clogging
High Capacity 1-1/2 NPT Discharge
Piggy-Back Cap Switch
15 or Wider Sump Basins
8, SJTW Power Cord

12-Volt - 47 GPM @ 5'
Corrosion-Resistant Thermoplastic Construction
Requires One 40 Amp or 75 Amp Deep Cycle or Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Battery Charger Keeps Battery Properly Charged
Alarm System Lets Homeowner Know Standby System is Active
Battery Case Included
Vertical Float Switch
8, SJTW Power Cord
Shipping Weight, 31 lbs

Water Powered Sump Pump Back Up System


Basepump is an extremely reliable, very powerful, water powered backup sump pump system. With no battery to wear out or maintain, no charger to plug in or monitor, it is designed as an automatic, independent system from the primary sump pump. Basepump is essentially in a class by itself. Mounted on the ceiling, high above the sump, it doesn't have to fight the downward force of the water that most competitors' pumps must push up vertically. For this reason, Basepump consistently removes more water per hour than other water powered backup sump pumps and even rivals the best battery powered backup sump pumps, short- and long- term. Period. So instead of a flooded basement because of a sump pump failure or a power failure, install a water powered Basepump backup sump pump before it happens.