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Mixing Liquids Suspending Solids
Models CTE, TME

If any part of your processing operation requires mixing, then Jacoby-Tarbox circulating tank eductors, also known as in-tank mixers, may provide a low cost alternative over other mechanical methods. These units promote more thorough mixing action than either mechanical mixing or air sparging. The flow pattern is easily controlled and provides more complete integration of substances in a wide variety of viscosities and liquids. Penberthy in-tank mixers are inherently non-clogging, and with no moving parts require little or no maintenance. Slurries containing abrasive solids can wear out mechanical mixer blades, involving constant maintenance and process down time.

Jacoby Tarbox in-tank mixers answer the demand for more efficient, low-cost liquid and slurry mixing. These models can be used in numerous applications including: hazardous waste and waste water processing, cooling tower circulation, tank truck agitation, additive infusion, blended solution agitation, plating tank agitation and separation prevention of non-mixable liquids or stratification of dissimilar liquids. Industries that could use eductors include: chemical processing, food processing, electroplating, fertilizer agrichemical processing and petrochemical processing.

Selection Guide

Fitting these specialized jet pump/tank eductors to your specific situation requires some data that only you can provide. Please supply the required information below:


  • Operating Liquid(s) Involved
  • Pressure (Available)
  • Flow Rate (Volume available)
  • Temperature
  • Specific Gravity/Viscosity


  • Tank Size (Dimensions)
  • Tank Shape
  • Maximum Volume (Total amount to be mixed)


  • Time required to achieve uniformity (Turnover rate)


  • Solids That Are Involved For Suspension

  • All
  • GageGlass
  • Industrial
  • Plumbing
  • Default
  • Title
  • Date
  • Random