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Heating Liquids/In-Line

Many process operations can be heated in-line. With Penberthy in-line heaters, you can heat in-line while transporting the process media from one location to another. Steam jet heaters optimize the condensing of steam into the motive media to provide fluid heating. Models that are ejector-type heaters capable of operating at steam pressures lower than the operating liquid. They offer much higher thermal input than a comparable SRH, while incurring a higher inlet to discharge pressure drop.

The SRH (Steam Ring Heaters) are compact in-line units with low-pressure drop. SRH units inject steam through a ring shaped opening within an enlargement in the pipeline. They provide fast temperature correction noiselessly and because the liquid flow area is unrestricted, pressure drop across the nozzle is minimized.

(Fluid Heating System) units are complete, engineered systems, including an in-line heater, penumatic temperature controller, steam control valve, thermometer, strainer, check valve and associated piping. Penberthy in-line jet heaters may be used in these automated systems.

In-line jet heaters are prefect for many types of industries including: foot processing, petroleum production & refining, chemical processing, distilling/brewing and many other process operations. If you have a heating one of our eductorts may provide the solution.

Selection Guide:

In order to pair the correct in-line jet heater with your specific application, it is required that certain information be provided. Supply the required information below:


  • Liquid
  • Pressure (Available)
  • Flow Rate (gpm/kPag to be heated)
  • Specific Gravity
  • Inlet Temperature


  • Steam Pressure (Available)
  • Steam Temperature
  • Flow Rate (Available volume)


  • Pressure (That unit must overcome)
  • Desired Temperature Rise

All conditions are measured at the Motive, Suction and Discharge Ports.

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