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About TG Rankin

Since 1956, we have been serving the midwest.

T.G. Rankin Company Profile

"Providing value" is the mission that guides each of our sales divisions; Industrial Glass, Industrial Equipment, Plumbing-Wholesale and Engineered Wastewater.

Founded in 1956, T.G. Rankin Co., Onc. has grown from a one-man sales agency into a multi-divisional, multi-location family owned stocking representative organization. Founded by Thomas G. "Red" Rankin Jr. in 1956, T.G. Rankin Co. is now run by company president Thomas (Tom Jr) Rankin IV.  In 1956 TG Rankin Co became associated with Penberthy, a Prophetstown, Illinois casting company selling sump pumps, level gage valves and eductor-jets. During the early 1980s "Thomas III (Tom Senior) developed a relationship with European industrial glass manufacturer Schott (Now Auer Lighting) and was the first to import, then little known, Maxos brand gage glass to US markets.  Maxos competed with Corning Glass Works' Mac Beth gage glass. During the 1990s, while staying true to its core business; servicing needs of plumbing wholesalers, Tom Jr's vision moved the company into engineered wastewater markets where today TGR finds a good part of its growth.


Industrial Glass division

with participation of distributors and OEM customers TG Rankin Co has enjoyed a long and sustained period of growth. This success is directly related to our committment to providing exceptional value for customers and principles. TGR's stock in trade a large inventory of Maxos, Duran, and TGR-Brand industrial sight glass products. Better value resulting from TGR purchasing power, wise logistical arrangements, engineered packaging and, quality assured precision cutting makes TG Rankin Co the logical choice for exporters, distributors and original equipment manufacturers.

Industrial Equipment Division

working with distributors, engineers, plant managers and plant maintenance people offers jet pumps which double as heatersand mixers, magnetic and direct reading liquid level gages, sight windows, sight flow indicators, flow meters along with replacement sight glass and gaskets. We also provide valves, polymer pipe valves and fittings, metal, rubber, teflon and fabric flexible pipe connectors for misalignment, expansion and vibration.

Plumbing-Wholesale Division

representing quality manufacturers, provides technical assistance with sales of submersible wastewater and sewage pumps, sump basins, septic tanks and systems, grinder lift stations, low pressure sewer systems, mascerating and grinding pump systems, float switches, control panels, alarms, check valves, sump pump backup systems and accessories. Sales efforts include sustained relationships with plumbing wholesalers and also involve hands-on work with developers, engineers, contractors. TGR people are board members of all local and regional plumbing(PHCC) engineering (ASPE) wastewater (MSO) small flows, and public waterworks councils.

Engineered-Wastewater Group

promotes clean water issues throughout the Midwest. Sales activities include marketing of on-site waste pumping, storage and treatment products. TGR people providine assistance with pump lift station design, diagnosis and repair. Engineered Product line includes distributed sewer technologies, effluent dispersal, UV-disinfection, polyethylene septic tanks, high flow effluent filters, submersible pumps, electronic controls, custom pump chambers and state of the art alternative fixed film and septic treatmentsystems.

Wastewater’s leading onsite technologies include; MBBR, UV Disinfection, Peat Filtration of effluent Fixed film ATUs, sand filtering and shallow trench subsurface Drip Dispersal. TGR offers localized onsite wastewater treatment for residential subdivisions and commercial applications. We specialize in projects where great distances from municipal sewers require pumping to treatment or where adverse soils make conventional wastewater treatment impossible.

Embracing clean water issues throughout our area, TGR's Engineered-Wastewater group’s activities include participation in educational, regulatory and enforcement in rural and municipal public health areanas. For the advancement of clean water, among others, TG Rankin Company supports the following professional organizations: NOWRA, MSO, IOWWA, KWEA, KEHA, OWPI, EMSO, The Greater St. Louis PSC/ASPE and Missouri PIC and PHCC.