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Gage / Sight Glass

Tubular and flat glasses
Flat (Long Form) Gage Glass 

At TG Rankin Co replacement industrial sight glass for all applications are available.  Featuring Maxos(R) borosilicate the premier brand chosen by all major manufacturers of liquid level gages.

Long form borosilicate flat gage glass is available in plain (transparent) and reflex designs. To the right is a diagram to show the difference:

 To observe liquid level, plain (transparent) gages require back lighting through the liquid. Transparent gages may allow observation of fluid properties such as color, turbidity, foaming etc.
Reflex glass gages allow only a view of liquid level. From the portion of the glass where there is no liquid, light from the view angle is reflected producing a silver-color.  Below the liquid level light is absorbed through the glass giving a black appearance.  Reflex gages offer a fast  image depicting the presence of water in a boiler feed application.
 Please contact us if you need assistance to determine which type glass you need. For higher temperature applications; up to 800F, long form gage glass is also available in aluminosilicate in most popular sizes. 

Gage glass gaskets are required to seal flat gage glass.  They are available in various materials and thickness for all sizes and applications of flat gage glass.  TGR stocks all standard size gaskets in various thickness and materials dictated by your gage or application. 

Mica Shields are used to prevent corrosion of glass exposed to harsh chemicals and steam.  Mica shields are available in various thicknesses and clarity for all sizes of transparent flat gage glass. TGR also stocks Klinger and DIN-spec 30mm wide flat glass sizes. For additional information including price and packaging, please contact us.
Liquid Level Gages
If your liquid level gage is beyond simply replacing the glass and gasket, TGR offeres replacement valves and entire gages.  We specialize in replacement gages for McDonnell & Miller boiler controls.   Contact us if your tubular glass seems to be wearing out (leaking) prematurely.  You may need a flat glass gage upgrade. 

Important note: Always follow your liquid level gage manufacturer's temperature and pressure ratings.
MAXOS(R) is a trademark of Auer Lighting GmbH, Bad Gandersheim, Germany

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