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Gage / Sight Glass

Tubular and flat glasses
Gaskets for long-form flat gage glass

TGR Non-Asbestos Cushion - Gaskets
A general purpose gasket material, similar to Garlock 3000 for service in hot water, mild acids, alkalines, and inert gases.  Maximum temperatures to 600°F and pressures to 1200 PSI in non-steam service.

TGR Grafoil Gasket, GH-R and GH-P
Flexible graphite gasket material widely used for applications in refinery, petro-chemical and power plants in high temperature and high pressure applications.  GH-R laminated graphite has a flat .002 thick 316/316L stainless steel insert for added strength.  Temperature and pressure range in an oxidizing environment is reduced to 400°F to 750°F and as high as 1800°F in a non-oxidizing environment.  Maximum pressure is 2000 PSIG.  GH-R is suitable for 1500 PSIG and 596°F saturated steam service.  Maximum PxT factor value is 700,000.

The fine print...
Your TGR Gage glass distributor may offer gaskets sold in packages of six (6) twelve (12) or by the piece.  Regardless of pressures and temperatures mentioned on this site, always follow the gage manufacturers' published recommendations
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