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Submersible Sump Pumps, Sewage Pumps and Systems

SJE Oil Spotter™ System Designed for Elevator Sump Applications

SJE-Rhombus®, industry leader in providing quality control solutions for water and wastewater applications, presents SJE Oil Spotter™ control panel for elevator sump applications. Oil Spotter™ is designed to provide pump and alarm notification of potentially threatening water and oil levels in simplex pumping applications, including elevator sump basins, transformer vaults, leachate well applications, garages or any application requiring ASME A17.1 compliance.
SJE Oil Spotter™ features factory-installed Oil Water Switch with four probes (start level, stop level, high water level, and reference for ground) and a mechanical high oil alarm float. As water and oil enter the tank, the oil rises to create a floating layer on top of the water. The water level rises to reach the Start Probe, activating the pump to remove water (not the oil) from the tank. It continues pumping until the water level falls below the Stop Probe, deactivating the pump. If the water level continues to rise and reaches the High Water Probe, the red high water LED indicator illuminates and auxiliary contacts close (activating an optional Tank Alert® alarm or other remote device). If the oil level rises to activate the mechanical High Oil Float, the red high oil LED indicator illuminates and auxiliary contacts close (activating an optional Tank Alert® alarm or other remote device).
SJE Oil Spotter™ control panel enclosure is NEMA 1 rated for indoor use and features a receptacle to accept a 120V, 15A pump plug. LED indicators on the front door of the panel illuminate for high water, high oil, pump run and power on. Auxiliary contacts are included to connect remote alarms (high water and high oil), auto dialer or building automation system. UL/cUL Listed and backed by a three-year limited warranty.
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When oil is present, typically in an elevator sump pit, these systems detect it, sound an alarm and prevent the sump pump from discharging undesirable oil and water into the watershed
Myers sump effluent pumps work in oil and water detection in applications where hydrocarbons are prohibited from being released into the environment. The SJE Oil Spotter system is designed to provide accurate pumping, monitoring and alarm in garages, elevator sump pits, transformer vaults and substations. The elevator pump control activates the pump for removal of water from elevator pits in accordance with ASME17.1. The control will also shut down the pump before discharging harmful substances.
Includes control panel with separate pump and control circuits, NEMA1 enclosure, 

1/2 HP High Head

 Oil sensing sump systems are designed to detect and alert of the presence of oil in various applications. The Switch is designed to adjust the on and off points to help prevent pumping oil into disposal systems. The alarm will alert of oil presence or high water conditions.
50 GPM @ 20’
Durable Cast-Iron Design with Heads Up to 60'
System Includes: Pump Controller, Audible Alarms With Test and Silence Switch, Visual Display Lights, Preset On and Off Points, 20’ Piggy-Back Switch Cord, UL508 Approved Switch
Typical Applications: Hydraulic Elevator Sumps, Transformer Vaults, Garages, Anywhere Oil Needs To Be Detected To Comply with ASME 17.1 and Other Building Codes.
Manual Operation - No Switch
Cast-Iron Casting
Recessed (Vortex) Design Reduces Bearing Load / Increased Bearing Life and Prevents Clogging

Full Mechanical Seal (Carbon/Ceramic) For Extra Protection and Longer Life

Permanent Split Capacitor Design for Assured Starting and Strong Torque
Internal Overload Protection
20’, SJTW Power Cord
Shipping Weight, 52 lbs

SJE Oil Spotter detects presence of oil in a sump pit, shuts off the pump and sounds an alarm. This prevents inadvertent pumping of oils or other contaminants into the watershed. 
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