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Waste Water

Sump and engineered waste water sytems
Aqua-Azul UV Tertiary Effluent Disenfection
AquaAzul UV ultraviolet disinfection superior to trojan and enaqua
UV ultraviolet light is used to disinfect waterborne pathogens without introduction of undesirable chemicals such as chlorine, bromine and otherAquazul series AZ stainless steel Serice I high pressure flow halogens. California-based Aqua Azul builds 155- different designs utilizing the latest advancements in energy efficient long lasting, low maintenance UV lamp technology. These include designs for low, medium and high pressure flows. Municipal treatment specialists can help design a system to meet your output and budgetary criteria. There are also models for flows as low as one household. 

Ultra Violet Disinfection equipment for wastewater and all  food and other process requirements

Aqua-Azul Ultra Violet disenfection products deliver high performance with exceptional longevity and minimal maintenance. Suitable for wastewater, food / beverage processing or anywhere BOD reduction is required. 

Replacement amalgam lamp and ballast available for virtually all brands of disinfection equipment.  
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