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Waste Water

Sump and engineered waste water sytems
High quality Fiberglass Sump and Sewage Basins, either Filament Wound or chopped strand for uniformity and strength.  Matching Steel or Fiberglass Covers, Simplex or Duplex (one or two pump designs) with all necessary hardware for gas tight operation.  Gasketedd, sealed covers prevent smells adn radon from entering living/working spaces. Diameters to 72", depths to 242". Standard 18" x30", 24"x36", 24"x60",  24"x72", 30"x36" and 30"x60" sizes are in stock for immediate delivery.  Also plastic check valves to meet all residential sump and sewage system requirements.  Basins made to order.  Bring us the prints, we can make it.

Poly structural foam fiberglass sump sewage pit basins


Fiberglass Basins of virtually any size, for use in sump and sewage applications. Factory packaged systems that include Guide Rail Systems, Inlet and Discharge Fittings, Valve Vault Boxes. Fiberglass Triple Garage Basins also used in places where volatile wastes are produced. An economically priced line of Polyethylene Sump and Sewage Basins in sizes of 18" x 22" up to 30" x 36".

Sump and Sewage Pit Covers
Covers are often selected to simply keep people and items from falling into the pit. They can also serve as a key component to help cointain pump noise, noxious gasses and smells to the sump pit. Several designs and materials are available including poly, fiberglass and steel.  

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