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Waste Water

Sump and engineered waste water sytems
Septic Effluent Filters

Gag Simtech 15" X 48" screened pump vault makes a STEP system in any septic tank.  Economical solution to many problems related to pumped effluent discharge. 
Gag-Simtech Pressure Effluent Filter

Sim/Tech STF-100 pressure filter protects pressurized effluent distribution systems from clogging with suspended solids. Pressurized wastewater distribution systems; mound systems, drip systems, sand filters etc. treat effluent. 
Pressurized systems pump effluent to treatment by a low pressure effluent pump. The drain field is where the problems show up. Lateral piping has many small holes to allow gray water to seep into the soil.   It doesn't take a lot of contaminants to plug the drain holes. With each hole that becomes plugged the efficiency falls, until the system eventually fails

Polylok residential PL-122 is rated for flows up to 1500 GPD and features a patented ball check and filter housing.  Waste streams of a typical 3-bedroom home averages approximately 450-gallons per day.  Effluent filters extend the life of drain fields by preventing solids from  entering and clogging them. Floating grease, hair and polyester threads and other solids and semi-solids present a great threat to reliable operation of a drain field. A properly installed and maintained effluent filter like the PL-122 serves as an inexpensive protection for your system.  Easy to maintain, each year the filter element can be pulled out and hoses off over the open septic tank cover letting the trapped solids settle safeley into the bottom of the septic tank. 

Clean the the PL-122 worry-free.  When the filter element is removed the red ball-check pops over the effluent inlet and prevents floating solids, hair and grease from accidentally flowing into and fouling the drain field.
Septic tank discharge filters help prevent expensive septic system failure. Polylok corrosion resistant polyethylene Effluent Filters are designed for use in either residential or commercial septic tank applications. Advantages include dual filtration, competitive pricing, innovative design that provides the greatest amount of filter surface area and easy maintenance. Patented ball check shut-off eliminates the need to pump down the tank to clean the filter and prevents the undesirable flow of unfiltered effluent into the drain fields. TGR offers septic filters of all types from clean and re-use Polylok Ball Check to Disposable.
Polylok PL 68 is a popular priced low cost residential septic effluent filter  Superior design to Zoeller Clarus WW1 and tuftite
PL 68 is Polylok’s competitively priced residential septic effluent filter. Slide it into the 4" PVC discharge tee of any residential septic tank.It can handle flows of up to 800 GPD. Proper use of a septic discharge filter prevents the most costly problem associated with failed septic systems: drain fields becoming overloaded with solids. Septic discharge filters will prevent debris from flowing into and ruining the drain field.

Gag Simtech 15" X 48" Effluent filter basket
Commercial Septic Effluent Filters 

On the left is the 10,000 GPD Polylok PL-525 commercial filter. Also available is the new PL-625 (right)both models featurea new, better reinforced filterelement for greater strength.The PL-625 filter is ideal for grease trap applications. The 1/32” filtration has been shown to reduce fats, oils, and grease (FOG) by as much as 60% to 98%! The filter may be used in onsite wastewater systems that require a finer level of TSS removal and it has the same high 10,000 GPD throughput. 
Polylok is similar to Tuftite buy uses higher quality designs and engineering for superior performance PL 625 effluent filter
"Polylok Aquires Zabel Filter Business..."
In 1959 Bob Zabel, a Louisville, KY septic tank pumper, received a U.S. patent for a septic effluent filter designed to help prevent drain fileds from failing. Polylok, under the leadership of the Gavin family,greatly improvedeffluent filtering technology.In March of 2006Polylok come full circle to join forces with Zabel in the effluent filter business making Polylok the largest U.S. supplier of gravity effluent filters.
Zabel Residential Effluent Filters

A1800-4X22 Series Filter is mainly used for residential application of up to 800 gallons of flow per day. A1800-4x22-VTB-352 Cartridge with SCH 40 Versa-Tee Baffle. 
A100-8X18-VC Series Filter is mainly used for residential application of up to 1200 gallons of flow per day. The NEW Versa-Case with built in reducer/adapter, central support system and new easy grip handle accepts 4" or 6" SCH 40 outlet pipe.

Zabel Commercial Effluent Filters
The A300-12X20-VC Series Filter is perfect for grease trap applications. It will handle flows up to 3000 gallons of flow per day. The NEW Versa-Case with built in reducer/adapter, central support system and new easy grip handle accepts 4" or 6" SCH 40 outlet pipe.
AC-A-1-SF Alarm Provides audible and visual notification of impending filter and tank servicing. Patented SmartFilter switch attaches to all Zabel Filters. Alarm sounds when tank and filter reach 90% maturity.
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