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Waste Water

Sump and engineered waste water sytems
Polyethylene Septic, Water and Pump Tanks

By far the most popular material used for residential and light commercial septic tanks is concrete.  In the mid 1980s in the United States the polyethylene septic tank made its debut. At that time TGR brought poly tanks to the market though plumbing wholesalers as a way of helping them sell more pipe, pumps and other items.  Poly tanks have since taken a good amount of the new and replacement septic tank market.  Concrete is still popular but if the terrain is too wet or too steep an installer can load a 1500 gallon tank into a pickup truck and be off to the site.  No need to wait for a boom truck that sometimes cannot even get to a dry site without destroying precious mature trees or negotiate steep terrains.    

Snyder Industries; Septic Tanks

Rotational molding has proven to be an ideal method of producing a seamless one-piece tank that minimizes the risk of leaking. In addition, polyethylene, because of its excellent corrosion resistance, relatively low cost and chemical compatibility is a near perfect material for on-site applications. When properly molded and installed, polyethylene tanks can readily endure the stresses imposed by operation and burial loads. To the right is the new Redi-Lift 300-gallon pump tank complete with pump and float switch. Pe-plumbed, installs in less than one hour! 

backfill or water fillingduring installation. Available at dealers near you!

Poly Pump Tanks

Also available are submersible pump tanks and water storage tanks. Often an economical 300-500 gallon round poly pump tank and a time dosing panel is the perfect solution to re-directing effluent from a failed drain field. 

Poly Water Storage and Reuse Tanks

Rain is a newly re
discovered sustainable source of fresh water for both residential and commercial use. Rain harvesting is the capture, diversion and storage of rainwater. When done correctly, rainwater harvesting provides a means of supplying a dependable water source for non-potable applications such as landscape irrigation or household uses such as laundry toilet flushing.  These constitute 40-60% of all water use. Snyder Rain Captor is a complete system installed under a lawn or green space that collects then redistributes rain water.  

Another application for underground water storage tanks is to provide water to fight fires. In certain communities either by insurance or local code regulations groups of homes are required to install and store a quantity of water to be made available in the event ot a fire. Crack-resistant poly tanks are the perfect choice.
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